The 10 Top Tech YouTubers You Should Be Watching in 2022

Looking to buy a new tech gadget? Check out our list of the 10 top tech YouTubers that are going to make your tech purchase a breeze!

The internet has become an intricate part of our lives. From looking up new recipes to finding out tech specifications for our next expensive gadget- the internet is the answer to all.

To be more precise, YouTube is the solution we all resort to. It is unbelievable how we can find the solution to every query on YouTube in video format. 

Understanding new technology or finding out about the latest gadgets is now so much easier, thanks to YouTube.

Even a tech novice can find simple explanations for anything technical they want. This is made possible by a community of incredibly talented and tech-savvy YouTubers who share their knowledge with the masses through this platform.

But not every video is worth your time. As of May 2019, more than 500 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute! Finding the best out of the rest to receive reliable information is crucial.

This is why we decided to curate a list of some of the top tech YouTubers out there so you don’t have to. 

Read on to find out a bit more about our favorite tech YouTubers who can become your favorite too.

The 10 Top Tech YouTubers You Should be Watching in 2022

The following are some of the top tech YouTubers as per their loyal subscriber base whom you can follow for daily tech-related tit-bits. 

Understanding technology is now made much easier, thanks to these people working relentlessly, trying to deliver nothing but the best to us.

Here’s our list of the 10 top tech YouTubers with most subscribers:

NameYouTube ChannelSubscribers
Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCannUnbox Therapy18 Million
Gaurav ChaudharyTechnical Guruji21.1 Million
Taras Vladimirovich KulakovCrazyRussianHacker11.5 Million
Marques BrownleeMKBHD14.5 Million
Judner AuraUrAvgConsumer3.11 Million
Linus Gabriel SebastianLinus Tech Tips13.8 Million
Johnathan RettingerJohn Rettinger1.59 Million
Arun MainiMrwhosetheboss8.03 Million
Derek ScottAndroid Authority3.36 Million
Erica GriffinErica Griffin887,000
UpdatedAugust 2021

1. Unbox Therapy – Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann

Subscribers: 18 Million

Unbox therapy was started by Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann. If you are looking for gadget reviews and fun unboxing videos, this is the place to go. 

They have slowly and steadily grown to be one of the best in this field so you get the latest unboxing videos along with the detailed review from their channel. Now they are one of the most subscribed tech YouTubers in the world!

Wondering where they get the money for all the gadgets? Most are PR samples sent to them- so you can guess the popularity they have earned when they have the latest gadgets on their doorstep for free.

The duo where Lewis is the host and Jack the videographer, went viral in 2014 when they uploaded a video of Lewis bending his iPhone 6 with his bare hand. 

This spiraled the infamous “Apple Bendgate” controversy and also shot their channel to fame.

Apart from reviews on smartphones and laptops, they also have an array of unusual technologies that are featured on their channel, making the buyers aware of many such simple gadgets you never imagined can exist. 

One such product that shot to fame is the unspillable cup. Currently, they have 18 million subscribers and over a billion video views.

2. Technical Guruji – Gaurav Chaudhary

Subscribers: 21.1 Million

Gaurav Choudhary is the face of Technical Guruji. He is an Indian Youtuber based in UAE and famous for his technical videos that are explained in Hindi.

So, users looking for regional language content for technical topics will find this channel the ideal place. He also became the first tech Youtuber to accrue more than 10 million subscribers in 2018.

Latest technical news, product comparisons, reviews for the latest gadgets available in the market, and simplifying technology as a whole- these are the main themes of the content that he creates.

The primary aim of the channel is to cater to users interested in technology in general and give them the most simplified explanations and solutions to their queries.

As his fan base keeps rapidly growing by the day, we can rightly say that he has succeeded in creating the perfect technological platform, particularly for those who are looking for a simple explanation in their mother tongue.

3. CrazyRussianHacker – Taras Vladimirovich Kulakov

Subscribers: 11.5 Million

The channel is owned by a Russian tech Youtuber Taras Kulakov. Those who are interested in science and technology in general and wish to see their practical application will find this channel interesting, to say the least!

The CrazyRussianHacker explores everything related to science and creates videos on life hacks, technology, and scientific experiments along with demonstrations and detailed explanations.

This is what sets the channel apart from any average technology YouTube channel where product reviews and gadget unboxing are prioritized. This channel has these segments as well but is not limited to reviews alone.

The catchphrase of the channel is “Safety is number one priority” but it was dropped after 2019 when he shifted more towards Jukebox videos and product reviews. 

The videos are more focused on kitchen gadgets and camping gadgets and have earned him a diverse follower base from across the world who share similar interests.

4. Marques Brownlee

Subscribers: 14.5 Million

Marques Brownlee, now a known name in the world of tech, started his journey as a YouTuber in 2009. 

Known as one of the best reviewers of technology with a large number of subscribers he is one of a kind in this line of work.

Praised for his work by none other than the former senior Vice president Vic Gundotra of Google he tagged him as the best technology reviewer on the planet.

Commonly known as MKBHD on YouTube, this young talented tech expert started his journey as a YouTuber back in 2009. He started his tech review video when he was still in high school and took this job as a full-timer after he graduated from college.

Currently, his channel has a cumulative 1.6 billion video views and over 14.5 million subscribers. 

With his tech reviewing channel being one of the most-watched virtual platforms he also managed to interview some big personalities like Will Smith, Elon Musk, and Bill gates which got millions of views in his channel.

5. UrAvgConsumer

Subscribers: 3.11 Million

Ur Avg Guy who is none other than Judner Aura makes himself known as an average person like us who loves new techs. 

Known for his honest review of Gadgets that he has used, he always gave his opinion as a regular user which makes his video that much more fun and easier to understand for the subscriber.

He reviews various techs like smartphones, cameras, laptops, and other devices in his videos.

He started his YouTube channel in 2012 when he was still studying Marketing at Drexel University. Since then, his channel has gained immense attention with time, currently, he has a big YouTube family of 3.11 million subscribers.

His easy, consumer-friendly language makes it easier for the average person to understand the nuances of tech. 

6. LinusTechTips

Subscribers: 13.8 Million

The owner of four YouTube channels, Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a prodigy in the sector of technology. 

This famous tech YouTuber founded the four commercially popular channels, Techquicke, Tech Linked, Linus Tech, and Channel super fun.

Now the combined subscriber count for his four YouTube channels has reached over 15 million. One of the first YouTube channels by Linus Gabriel Sebastian among the four is the Linus Tech Tips.

The Canadian YouTuber started Linus for the first time when he was working for an online computer store. Linus tech Tips bagged several achievements since the year 2014 when the channel started flourishing.

In 2014, the channel got named as the top 1% of google’s preferred channel for advertisement by Tube filter and was ranked 4th on the list of 30 power Players in tech by the Inc. Magazine.

In 2019 Linus tech tips got ranked 5th as the most-watched YouTube channel on YouTube.

7. Jon Rettinger

Subscribers: 1.59 Million

If you’re in love with all things tech, then the creator/host Jon Rettinger is going to be next on the list of your favorites. 

He’s the founder and former president of TechnoBuffalo and has earned his name as a tech expert on YouTube with a decade-long experience. 

His follower base may not be as impressive as the ones before him in this list, with a 1.59 million subscriber base.

But he can be considered as an emerging star in his rights, thanks to his reviews of various tech gadgets and all things electronic. 

At the rate that his channel is growing, it won’t be long before he takes over the tech reviewing segment on YouTube.

8. Mrwhosetheboss – Arun Maini

Subscribers: 8.03 Million

Next up on our list of top tech YouTubers is Arun Maini, a 25 years old Economics student who started his YouTube journey in 2011 with his channel ‘Mrwhosetheboss’. 

At the moment, the British-Indian YouTuber, with a passion for technology, is making videos that fetch him the viewership of a whopping 8 million subscriber base with a total number of 1,232,709,881 channel views.

No wonder, he’s considered the UK’s largest tech YouTuber. But the journey wasn’t always like this. It all started when a 14 years old Arun was gifted a smartphone by his brother.

He learned to customize his phone all by himself and slowly has learned all the tricks needed to make a smartphone perform better. This is the topic on which he made his first YouTube video as well.

He does videos on everything from product reviews to product comparison and tech fails. These have got him enough attention from the tech geeks around the globe. 

He quit his job and started focusing entirely on his passion and since then has been a full-time YouTuber, with his channel crossing new thresholds each day.

9. Android Authority

Subscribers: 3.36 Million

What started as a website in 2007 that covers every topic regarding Android, has now become one of the leading YouTube channels in tech. 

Android Authority, with its 3.36 million subscriber bases, is a YouTube channel that creates unboxing videos, reviews smartphones, and gives you the latest happenings in the world of Android. 

For Android OS lovers, finding this channel is practically hitting the jackpot. Whether you want to learn about the latest android smartphone, apps, or games, this is the right place to be.

In fact, following this channel can also help you learn lots of DIY tricks that can make your smartphone easier to handle. With 768,348,650 channel views, this place is slowly becoming the community on YouTube where tech fans from all over the world can discuss the latest news in the Android industry.

In short, this website-turned-YouTube channel is your one-stop solution for all types of information and reviews you need for android gadgets of every kind.

10. Erica Griffin

Subscribers: 887,000

Women tech Youtubers are comparatively rare but among them, Erica Griffin holds her ground like a boss. Her credible content and honest reviews allow her to handsomely compete against many similar channels and stand out in the crowd.

You get unboxing videos, product reviews as well as tech tips on her channels. With over 870k followers at present, she is closing in on the million subscribers mark quickly. 

If you are looking for credible information before you invest in a gadget and want to be sure your money won’t go to waste, this is the channel to subscribe to. 

Every latest device is reviewed in detail after being tried and tested by her so you get the most authentic and realistic idea about the product.

Final Words

This was our take on the 10 top tech YouTubers from across the world. From reviews for the latest smartphones to explanations on complex technologies- you can find it all on the above-mentioned channels.

All the above-mentioned tech YouTubers are authentic and have their own style of reviewing the latest gadgets. 

So next time you need some sound technical advice from a neutral source, you can simply head over to any of these tech YouTuber’s channels and find out what you need!

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