The 10 Best Coworking Space Management Software in 2022!

Managing a coworking space is not an easy task by any means. This is why we decided to share some of the best coworking space management software that can help you do this task more effeciently. Read on…

Did you know that before the pandemic, only 5% of the U.S. workforce worked remotely full-time. This number, however, has gone up to 57% as of February 2021, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

While the work from home norms was put in to stop the spread of the Covid virus, employees aren’t planning to go back to the office anytime soon. 

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In fact, 58 percent of employees working remotely over the past year said they would look for a new job if they weren’t allowed to continue working from home in their current position! 

Moreover, 65% of employees want to work remotely full-time post-pandemic. 

Best Coworking Space Management Software

This remote work culture will eventually boost the co-working space business as remote workers often flock to such spaces to get work done.  

However, managing such spaces may not be as enjoyable. It is a tricky business if you do not know what all tools are necessary.

Tech companies and experts have built software to manage these spaces effortlessly and create a splendid experience for their members. 

A coworking space management software aims to make your life easier by providing various options to supervise your space.

A coworking space management software allows you to:

  1. Set up a location of your preference, 
  2. Manage your members by keeping a track of them, 
  3. Communicate with your members, 
  4. Keep a list of new members, 
  5. Send invites, and 
  6. Manage all their invoices and payments. 

These are all the things that every decent workspace management software will allow you to do.

Today, we decided to curate a list of the top 10 coworking space management software out there so you can quickly find the one best for you!

Before we jump onto the list, let us take a look at what a coworking space is so that we all are on the same page. 

What is a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces are a newer form of workplaces built to produce a productive and collaborative work environment.

The concept of coworking is all about bringing flexibility into how the work is done. 

A coworking space can be anything from a coffee shop to a penthouse, it just has to be a space where professionals work. 

Best Coworking Space Management Software

According to Wikipedia,

Coworking is an arrangement in which workers of different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcel acceptance services.

Well, that was a mouthful!

Simply put, if an outlet has an ample amount of space where professionals can interact with each other and work together, it’s a coworking space.

Apart from giving you a space to work, coworking spaces also provide other amenities like food and drinks, technologies (like wifi, charging ports), modern furnishings, and more. 

All these factors make it an amazing place to work from instead of working from home or traditional coffee shops.

Problems with Managing Coworking Spaces

As enjoyable as it seems to work in a coworking space, there are a few problems with their management. Let’s take a brief look at these problems:

1. Endless Distractions

One of the biggest challenges for any workspace is the constant chatting amongst people/on calls and the keyboard/mouse noises. 

Everyone wants to work in a quiet environment, however, coworking spaces often do not provide one. 

Even the most productive and patient employee can get crazy and do poor quality work.

All of this can be avoided with noise-canceling headphones. However, restricting endless noises can be challenging. 

The coworking space can set rules for its employees such as silencing phones or designating a particular area to get on phone calls. 

Looking for a coworking space that offers a peaceful environment to work in is probably the best way to avoid any distractions.

2. Absence of Privacy

Another challenge in coworking spaces is the absence of privacy.

While some minds work great in isolation, not every coworking space has a dedicated private space for creative work.

Privacy is crucial as it allows employees to work freely, concentrate without any distractions, and not let others copy their work.

Best Coworking Space Management Software

One way to make better arrangements for employees is by making proper desk positioning and maximizing spaces in between. 

3. Confined Space

A lot of times, a coworking space only provides limited space for its employees. This can make them feel like it hinders their personal space. 

Confined spaces can also lead to low productivity. With so much background noise, doing creative work or making phone calls can be a challenge. 

This can be avoided if enough space is allotted for each employee. Arranging the desks by spreading them out and assigning specific areas to employees can do the trick. 

This also avoids confusion among employees related to their desks as well as everyday conflicts to a great extent.

4. Inadequate Pieces of Equipment

Free snacks and coffee aren’t always the things that make the employees feel motivated to work; sometimes it’s the good equipment. 

Not having a steady wifi connection while on an important call or while giving presentations can lower employees’ morale.

Investing in good quality equipment can boost the employees’ confidence and hence, foster productivity.

Comfortable seats and desks may seem negligible but they can have a great impact.

5. Security concerns

One of the most important things in any working environment is security and safety. 

In a coworking space where everyone is working together, it is obvious to have security concerns. 

Wifi connection, 24/7 access to space, and usage of personal devices and equipment are a few of the concerns.

Efforts should be made to have to address these concerns and make 

Coworking spaces can do the following to ensure employees feel safe in the coworking space: 

  • Installation of separate and private wifi connection for employees, 
  • Alarm systems, 
  • VPNs (a virtual private network), 
  • Setting new wifi password every day, entrance, and exit points can serve the purpose well. 
  • Separate meeting rooms with soundproof walls
  • and more. 

10 Best Coworking Space Management Software in 2022

Let’s quickly take a look at what the top coworking space management software is and what they can do to manage the problems that take place in a coworking space.

  1. Nexudus
  2. OfficeRnd
  3. Coworkify
  4. Cobot
  5. Optix
  6. Essensys
  7. Yardi Kube
  8. Andcards
  9. Satellite Deskworks
  10. Habu

#1. Nexudus

If you are looking for software that can provide a ton of features along with affordable subscriptions, then Nexudus is the best pick for you. 


This software was developed in the year 2010 and it is currently working with more than a hundred co-working spaces spread across the world.

It is a complete package wherein you can customize almost everything in the space such as the identity of your brand, its logo, etc. 

Its main features include automatic payment and invoicing, reminders, renewal plans, customized membership, events and bookings, email monitoring, access control, and so much more. 

It also includes a CRM which lets you track visitors or leads and sales and automate assigning of tasks.

Some Key Features of Nexudus:

  • Works with 2000+ workspaces in 90+ countries
  • Fully customizable members mobile app and portal
  • NexDelivery app to manage your deliveries to your office space


  • Free plan with limited features
  • Paid plans start from:
    • Coworking Professional ($85 per month),
    • Coworking Enterprise (contact for price)

#2. OfficeRnD

This workspace management software was developed in the year 2015 and it aims to let the users have flexible and easy management of a coworking space. 


By simplifying tasks related to coworking space, users can turn their focus onto work. 

It has grown exponentially and is now being used in more than 40 countries all over the world.

It offers everything that most coworking software out there do, along with being super user-friendly. 

You can handle desks and rents with the help of its space management feature. It also offers CRM, which can help you with managing emails and chats, organizing customers, keep track of membership plans, and timely follow-up with clients.

Besides this, it also offers resource and contract management which can help you identify which desk is occupied, what all coupons and codes are available, and much more.

Some Key Features of OfficeRnD:

  • Automatic billing and invoicing
  • See detailed usage analytics for every meeting room
  • Multi-location resource management


  • Free plan not available
  • Paid plans start from:
    • Start ($139 per month for 1 location and 100 members),
    • Grow ($219 per month for 2 locations and 200 members),
    • Scale (contact for price)

#3. Coworkify

The aim of coworkify as an office space management software is to have a practical approach to work and simplicity.

Coworkify office space management

The interface is so easy to use that you can have a personalized profile in less than fifteen minutes.

The best part about this software is the price deal; your charges are based on the number of members. 

It allows you to view the available facilities, automates invoices, manage membership and bookings, and can even runs multiple spaces with one account.

The reason for this software’s popularity is its high level of security. Coworkify is fully organized by Amazon web services and hence, the communication over it is encrypted.

Some Key Features of Coworkify:

  • Multi-lingual support
  • Color-coded booking calendar to see which resources are booked
  • Create professional landing pages for your coworking space.


  • Free trial available
  • Paid plans start from:
    • Starter ($29 per month up to 15 members),
    • Regular ($49 per month up to 35 members),
    • Plus ($99 per month up to 80 members),
    • Enterprise ($149 per month up to 150 members),
    • Unlimited ($200 per month for unlimited members).

#4. Cobot

Cobot is an another great space management software that was developed in the year 2010. 

Cobot open source space management software

It started out as software to meet the needs of the founder’s own coworking space. 

However, it soon grew parabolically and is currently being operated in almost a hundred countries and is available in ten languages. 

It is currently being operated in almost a hundred countries and is available in ten languages. 

It is a fully mobile-optimized software and its prices are dependent on the size of the organization, that is, the members. 

Features include front desk management, setting up monthly/yearly plans, automatic invoices and payments, checking the availability of spaces and calculating its charges, and a lot more.

Moreover, if you want to run a beta test with its features, they provide a 30-day trial absolutely free.

Some Key Features of Cobot:

  • White-label package to customize your dashboard to reflect your brand. 
  • Check member’s data, plans, manage bookings, and more
  • Create highly customizable pricing plans for your members


  • Free trial available
  • Paid plans start from:
    • $59 per month up to 15 members,
    • $129 per month up to 40 members,
    • $229 per month up to 85 members,
    • $429 per month up to 180 members,
    • $829 per month up to 425 members,
    • Enterprise (contact sales).

Note: Pricing is based on paid recurring members, so members on a free plan or a paid day pass never count against the subscription level.

#5. Optix

Developed by the creator of the ShareDesk marketplace, Optix is next up on our list of best coworking space management software. 


It is a very straightforward software which is almost no-fuss to use because of its user-friendly interface. 

The platform has a whopping 99% customer satisfaction rating, thanks to its prompt customer support and ease of use. 

It features everything from booking and invoicing to customer support and constant member-to-member messaging. 

You can customize the look and capabilities of Optix according to your needs with the help of its API.

With a one-time app development fee of $499, Optix can help you create white-label apps for Android and iOS with custom branding. 

Some Key Features of Optix:

  • Community feeds where members can share updates, ideas, and opportunities.
  • Get data on memberships, revenues, meeting room bookings, and much more.
  • Inbuilt CRM with the ability to connect with Salesforce, Hubspot, or any other CRM tool you use. 


  • Free trial available
  • Paid plans start from: $199 per month for 1 location and 50 members. The pricing varies as you add more locations and members. 

#6. Essensys

Essensys is an office space management software that provides its users with a platform to collect information regarding available space. 


All the aspects from managing a single desk to a business office unit of a workplace are covered in this software. 

Its target is to automate daily tasks and activities and improve management efficiency.

Workflow and lead flow management are its main features that include acquiring and converting leads, forwarding them to salespersons, and setting up new tenants and contracts. 

The platform ensures that users can book their desks and rooms without any troubles and payments, renewals can be easily managed.

Some Key Features of Essensys:

  • Inventory management for individual spaces or locations and across your entire portfolio.
  • Get analytics on occupancy levels, utilization, revenue, churn, and debtors.
  • Get reports on incoming and converted leads, projected revenue, and sales pipeline performance.


  • Free trial available
  • Paid plans start from:
    • Essential (£299 per site per month),
    • Growth (£499 per site per month),
    • Enterprise (contact sales)

#7. Yardi Kube

Yardi Kube is a relatively new open-source space management software. Back in 2017, Yardi acquired WUN Systems, an award-winning coworking and shared workspace software.

Yardi Kube

The acquisition propelled Yardi into being one of the market leaders in coworking space management software. 

Yardi has a detailed and responsive dashboard that allows its users to use the software easily. The prices are flexible as the charges are based on the users’ needs.

The main feature of this software is the member management which handles all the leads and members, tenants information, and CRM functionality. 

It has very efficient booking management as well as payments and invoices management. The support is extremely helpful and responds to queries in no time.

An all-in-one workspace management app, Yardi has a huge user base worldwide. 

Some Key Features of Yardi Kube:

  • Real-time updates on all your invoicing and payment processes 
  • Improved wifi connection and security
  • Manage space bookings from one dashbaord


  • Free trial available
  • Paid plans start from: Contact sales

#8. Andcards

Andcards is another new coworking space management software that is gaining popularity rapidly. 


It was founded in the year 2017 and has since won its fair share of prizes and awards for its innovations. 

Although the team that manages Andcards is small, they have a growing number of clients each passing day all because of their targeted care towards clients. 

You can reserve or book meeting rooms or even desks for a day, control room display mode, make online payments, check payment history, and get all-time help desk support. 

Users can also integrate 3rd party tools like Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Calendar, Stripe, Zendesk, and more to manage their coworking space effectively. 

Members have a ton of benefits like special discounts, access to community feeds, priority customer service, and more. 

Some Key Features of Andcards:

  • Create custom-branded mobile apps for Android, iOS, and a responsive web app.
  • Members community to share, connect and socialize.
  • From payment processing to data analytics- connect all your 3rd party apps with Andcards. 


  • Free trial available
  • Paid plans start from:
    • Starter ($79 per site per month for 40 active members),
    • Standard ($159 per month for unlimited locations and 100 active members),
    • Enterprise (contact sales)

#9. Satellite Deskworks

Next up is Satellite Deskworks, a flexible coworking space management app based on the cloud. 

Satellite Deskworks

Being in operation since the year 2012, Satellite Deskworks wants to be the easiest software for coworking space managers. 

Since the software was made by people who own coworking spaces themselves, it intuitively tries to solve problems most managers face on a day-to-day basis. 

The software offers automated invoices, easy inventory setup, real-time reports, an online reservation calendar, the white label set up, and intelligent network check-in. 

One thing that the software lacks is online live support. One has to register the query by raising a ticket and wait for the reply.

Some Key Features of Satellite Deskworks:

  • Mobile app for both Android and iOS
  • Automated usage tracking and billing
  • White-label setup available along with flexible API


  • Free trial available
  • Paid plans start from:
    • Coworking space plans ($65 per location per month for 15 members),
    • Flexible Office Plans ($100 per location per month).

#10. Habu

Habu is open-source coworking space management software that has been in operation since the year 2008 and is operational in 25+ countries across the globe. 

Habu open source space management software

It offers quite innovative yet very simple and elegant features, making this software extremely user-friendly.

Space managers can easily create plans, receive payments, send invoices, and customize the space according to their needs.

With community discovery, onboarding new members and connecting existing members is a breeze. 

Members can chat with one another, stream workspace events live, and can even advertise their skills on the skills directory which acts as a job board. 

Although this software is very affordable when it comes to the industry norms, it does not provide 24/7 customer support. 

They only offer support five days a week which means in case you have a query on a weekend, you would have to wait for Monday.

Some Key Features of Satellite Deskworks:

  • Mobile app for both Android and iOS
  • Automated usage tracking and billing
  • White-label setup available along with flexible API


  • Free trial available
  • Paid plans start from:
    • Coworking space plans ($65 per location per month for 15 members),
    • Flexible Office Plans ($100 per location per month).


Managing a coworking space has its merits. However, it can get pretty hectic and out of control. 

Thanks to the above-mentioned coworking space management software tools, managing a coworking space was never this easy! 

Which coworking space management software is your favorite? Did we miss out on your favorite workspace management software? 

Do let us know by commenting down below!

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