The Best 13 Must-Read Blogs on Freelancing in 2021

Keeping yourself updated is a must in the ever-changing world of freelancing. Read the following blogs on freelancing to stay informed…

Anyone can be a Freelancer but the real question is: Where does one start and how? 

Even before one starts the journey, this is the most important question that haunts all. 

However, once you do get started, the journey isn’t a piece of cake.

Unlike what many believe, freelancing is not as easy because you have to dawn many hats and be a single-person army. 

From client pitching to invoicing and following up for the payments- everything needs to be handled with perfection.

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Not to mention, upgrading your skills is a constant throughout your career to keep up with the latest evolutions in your professional field. 

The feeling of getting started as a newbie never leaves your side when you are freelancing.

Blogs for freelancers are the perfect sources to maximize your learning in the limited time you can manage between all the work. 

They not only have some insightful tips about managing your workflow and ways to upgrade your skills, but they also work as a stressbuster.

Wondering which blogs to follow among the millions competing in the search engine? 

We have listed some of the top blogs on freelancing that are vouched for by freelancers all over the globe. Read on to find more about them.

Top 13 Blogs on Freelancing You Should be Reading Right Now!

Here’s our list of some of the best blogs on freelancing out there. No matter if you are a a freelancer, a digital nomad, or a remote worker, read these freelancing blogs religiously to stay on top of your field:

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Freelancing Hacks
  3. Craigslist
  4. 99U
  5. Double Your Freelancing
  6. myHQ Digest
  7. Fiverr
  8. UpWork
  9. Freelancers Union
  10. Life Hacker
  11. Copyblogger
  12. Just Creative
  13. QuickSprout

#1. Entrepreneur

It is an American magazine and website that focus on business management and related skills as their primary topics. blogs on freelancing

First published in 1977, they have consistently come a long way and are known for their easy-to-read and crisp articles on different business development topics.

Blogs on freelancing and the different aspects of this versatile and multi-dimensional profession are also widely available here. 

As a freelancer, you can learn about the latest technologies related to your skill genre and different soft skill tips to handle and retain clients better. 

Growth strategies, tips to start a business are all primary topics that this website caters to the audiences. 

Not only you get sound advice and tips for your business but it also gives an authentic insight into the current and future economic state of the country and the world. 

It lets you take crucial decisions to keep your freelancing business afloat even during tough times.

#2. Freelancing Hacks

Have you ever felt inspired by the success story of a fellow freelancer and wondered what is the secret to their prosperity? 

Freelancing Hacks: blogs on freelancing

Freelancing Hacks is a blog by Jerad Perera, a 27-year-old freelance writer who shares his story and tips that he learned on the go from his experience.

If you are an aspiring blogger or a freelance writer, you will find ingenious tips on how to succeed in this business. 

This is one of the best blogs for freelancers who are new to the writing business. 

Website designers and developers also will find some quality content that will help them grow from this blog. 

You will not only learn about his experience but gain insights into different freelancing platforms and his take on them. 

Furthermore, tips to write better, on client interaction, and how to get noticed as a writer are some of the topics that are explored through his blog. 

The conversational and light-hearted tone with clear advice makes his blogs fun to read and at the same time give you sound information on the subject.

#3. Craigslist

Craigslist is not just a place where you find classified ads for everything- it also has a treasure trove for freelancers looking for projects of all kinds.

Craigslist: blogs on freelancing

Moreover, the blog section of craigslist has several articles specifically addressing topics valuable to all freelancers. 

You get resourceful information locally and also good materials for upcoming freelance professionals.

Through the blogs here, you can learn a lot about growing the business and even find prospective clients who are locals. 

You can find new people who are potential clients and learn about new technologies related to your field on craigslist! 

The platform has a variety of topics covered in their blog section that can be classified as freelancing blogs.

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#4. 99U

Are you facing trouble establishing your career as a freelancer? 

99U is one of the best blogs that have content from top freelancers who share their journey and experience to inspire newbies. 

99U: blogs on freelancing

If you are looking for blogs on freelancing, 99U has a lot to offer. 

It is a media company from Abode and its blog section has engaging interviews of creative people from various fields which adds much value to your learning.

Freelancers in segments like photography, graphics designing, copywriting will find valuable content that is informative and relaxing at the same time.

The format of the content is varied which means you will not get bored when you are following this website. 

Learn from the experts in your industry who give you a realistic idea about the business. 

You will also find information to upgrade your skills and learn about new sources of finding more freelance projects from the articles shared over here.

#5. Double Your Freelancing

Everyone wishes to grow irrespective of the professional sector they belong to. 

Growth in freelancing may be unsure as the earnings are not always steady. 

Double your freelancing: blogs on freelancing

Unless you have worked and gained experience for quite some time, the rate of payment does not increase significantly. 

But it can if you know and learn from the right resources. 

One such source is Double your Freelance, an online blog, and community that was created by Brennan Dunn.

Here you will find in-depth information about the different ways you can financially grow as a freelancer. 

Topics like business branding, project management, extending the client base, landing high-paying clients, and best practices as a freelancer are primarily explored in the blog. 

Top blogs for freelancers by experienced freelancers are shared daily to give you enough reading material for the day.

Freelancers in the creative field specifically can find several good blogs that will directly help to boost their business and build a brand identity successfully at Double your Freelancing.

#6. myHQ Digest

With each year, myHQ digest is growing steadily as a sought-after platform for freelancers, creative writers, and bloggers. 

myHQ digest: blogs on freelancing

They have value-added information in their blogs about freelancing that can help any new writer or blogger grow steadily. 

As it continues to become a household name for social entrepreneurship, their consistently engaging writing style ensures you stay hooked on new ideas, concepts, and valuable information associated with your business genre.

Being one of the best blogs about freelancing, myHQ Digest is consistent with their content which means you have more and more reading materials daily and grow your knowledge base. 

From light-hearted topics to serious business tips, this website has all of it.

#7. Fiverr

If you are new in the world of bloggers, Fiverr is the best guide that helps you fulfill your dream. 

Fiverr: blogs on freelancing

They are a professional website that produces well-investigated and factual posts for their reader. 

Fiverr offers quality projects to new freelancers who are thinking of starting their careers in freelancing.

Moreover, they got their hand on all sorts of pie and you will get a lot of options like graphic or design, programming tech, video animation, digital marketing, business, data, lifestyle, etc. 

The one thing that makes Fiverr really stand out is the stories and features of entrepreneurs or experienced bloggers. 

They post the most honest stories of their journey which can inspire the newbies.

So next time you are on Fiverr looking for new projects, do explore their blogs about freelancing to make the most of your time.

#8. UpWork

Up Work is one of the most suitable blogs to follow for all first-time freelancers. 

They provide the most insightful information to the blogger on a different aspect of the profession. 

Upwork: blogs on freelancing

This gives them a basic idea about how to successfully start their own business. 

The main attractive point about this website is the simplicity of the language used in their blogs, which will make you want to visit this website again and again. 

Also, there is a community area on this website, where newbies to senior every freelancer come and join to share their insight, method, and strategies on writing a blog.

Upwork has been around for a long time and has attracted freelancers worldwide by their standards of projects. Their blog section is equally worth the visit so do check it out.

#9. Freelancers Union 

The name freelancer union is just the way it sounds. This blog provides a platform for creative writers and freelancers to share their thoughts, ideas, and experience in this job.

Freelancers Union

The main motto of Freelancer Union is to create a common space where every writer and freelancer could meet once or twice a month and have a discussion among themselves. 

They also share blogs with tips and tricks of being a better freelancer, things to do and not do in freelancing, and also insightful thoughts on how to maintain a balanced life with work. 

All of this post gives the boost and courage that a freelancer or entrepreneur needs who is new in this field. 

Such pieces of content give a much-needed boost to freelancers as well as entrepreneurs who are new to this field.

Freelancer Union is a non-profit organization in the US and is also known for its work in the protection of freelancers with healthcare. 

They successfully ran a campaign in 2016 on the non-payment and unprecedented protection of the freelancer in New York City.

#10. Life Hacker

This web blog was first established in 2005 and is already considered one of the top websites in the count of 2021. 

Life Hacker

The reason why this particular blog post is running successfully presently is that they cover a wide variety of daily life hacks and tips. 

From tech reviews to health and wellness tips, they have everything you can look for. Their life hacking tricks and tips blogs are particularly fun to read and enriching too.

11. Copyblogger

One of the top blogs for freelancers is Copyblogger which has tips that you can execute even as a beginner. 


Their posts address many topics and pressing questions related to the freelancing industry and give a thorough insight to newcomers. 

Moreover, they have courses for freelance writers which are insightful. With a variety in the type of content they produce, you will find valuable information in different forms such as podcasts, and even videos. 

An avid reader will not be disappointed as they visit the blog which routinely updates every day with a variety of new topics.

12. Just Creative

This is a blog and a portfolio of Jacob Cass who is a designer and a freelancer. 

The blog not only has valuable insights for freelance designers but anyone can learn from his self-promotion technique so subtly used throughout the blog. 

Just Creative:

Other than that, the blog section will interest any newcomer in the freelancing business with several tips and suggestions on soft skills related to this segment.

If you are a freelancer, you would know the value of such skills where you are the sole face of your brand. 

Effective tips on invoicing, managing workload, and overall ideas about how to consistently keep up your reputation as a freelancer are some of the topics you will find in his blogs.

13. QuickSprout

Irrespective of your freelance niche, you will find something of value at Quick Sprout. 

It is one of the top blogs for freelancers that is growing rapidly because of the versatile range of topics they cover. 


Topics like conversion optimization, consumer psychology, tips to build a personal brand, etc are widely explored by experts in the field. 

E-commerce freelancers can specifically benefit from all the topics that are explored in Quick Sprout.

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As a freelancer, being hard-pressed for time is just a part of the job description. 

If you enjoy reading, the above-mentioned blogs have some great resources to motivate, inspire and upgrade you as a professional. 

So, now you can make your leisure time productive too as you satiate your grey cells with some amazing blogs to read on the go. 

Try going through the content these blogs have and you will not be disappointed. 

Whether you are looking for ways to upgrade your professional skills or simply a light-hearted article to de-stress, you will find all of them here.

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