Top 16 Must-Read Remote Work Blogs for a Great Remote Career

Want to start a remote career but don’t know how? These remote work blogs might help…

Imagine this: You are sitting on a lounge chair at a beach shack as the light breeze at dawn gently brushes against your face, disheveling your hair while the sound of waves rushing to the shore lulls you into a state of Nirvana. 

With your sunglasses on, iced coffee in your hand and lo-fi music playing in the background, you swift back into work mode as the beautiful sunsets into the horizon. 

Sounds like a dream, right? 

Thanks to our dear friend, the internet, this dream is becoming a reality now. 

Worldwide connectivity and technological advancements have opened up new possibilities in terms of work. 

The traditional system of travelling to the office is shattered by the leisure of remote working from anywhere you want in the world. 

With the onset of Covid, remote work has seen a massive boom as more and more companies are shifting to work from home setup. 

This has made people realize that their work can be performed from anywhere in the world as the veil of the necessity of work from office has been lifted. 

Travelling to exotic hidden locations that are yet to be commercialized, enjoying the serenity and tranquillity of a mountainside cabin or the breezy vibes of a beachside villa while making enough dough to sustain this lifestyle has become a reality for numerous people now. 

Although remote work is a lucrative option with more and more people shifting towards it, it does come with its share of downfalls that can cost you your livelihood if not kept in check. 

With all this jazz surrounding it, sometimes it gets challenging to keep track of time. 

Next thing you know, you are throwing your phone in the garbage to avoid that scary ringing tone of your bosses’ repeated calls. 

Hence, we’ve curated a list of remote work blogs that will help you adjust to this lifestyle in no time. 

These remote work blogs are filled with tips, tricks, software recommendations, and more that will help you maintain an optimum work-life balance in your remote work journey. 

The 16 Must-Read Remote Work Blogs

Here’s our list of the 16 Best remote work blogs: 

  1. WeWorkRemotely
  2. RemoteYear
  3. Coworkaholic
  5. NomadicMatt
  9. Shut Up and Go
  10. Hubspot Blog
  11. Remote-How
  12. Hobo With a Laptop
  13. WorkfromHomeHappiness
  14. Home Office Life
  15. Out of Office Gal
  16. Wayviator

#1. WeWorkRemotely

Founder/CEO: Kevin Kirkpatrick

Year Started: 2011

WeWorkRemotely calls itself the largest remote work community in the world. Their blog is full of resources explicitly curated for remote job seekers. 

WeWorkRemotely remote work blog

They have various interesting topics on their blog like a day in the life of a remote worker, state of remote work reports, statistics, day in the life of a remote company, remote job hunting tips and more. 

Their learning portal is a must-visit for every remote job seeker. Joining this portal gives you access to:

  • A community of remote workers, 
  • Get one-on-one remote coaching sessions,
  • Receive exclusive member deals and access to events, 
  • Free writing exercises and resume templates
  • Real-time job alerts
  • and more. 

What we like about this blog: WWR has a great blog section that categorizes articles in simple tabs. The topics covered in their blog are highly relevant and educational- a must-read for those starting their remote journey. 

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#2. RemoteYear

Founder: Greg Caplan, Sam Pessin

Year Started: 2014

Working remotely can be isolating. In fact, according to the 2020 State of Remote Work Report by Buffer, loneliness is one of the biggest struggles that remote workers face. 

remoteyear remote work blog

RemoteYear solves that problem by providing travel packages to remote workers and building a culture around travel and working. 

Their blog is filled with travel tips, best places for digital nomads, software recommendations, and remote working tips for people who want to maximize their work from home benefits. 

What we like about this blog: If you want to travel the world with a full-time job, Remoteyar provides amazing tips and tricks to do just that and more. 

#3. Coworkaholic

Founder: Mike

Year Started: 2015

Coworkaholic is a great blog for digital nomads looking for coworking spaces around the world. 

Coworkaholic remote work blog

The blog was started by Mike in 2015 after witnessing the benefits of working from a coworking space, rather than from home, for a remote worker. 

He now shares all his tips and tricks regarding remote work travel, stays, and productivity. He has personally visited and reviewed many coworking spaces around the globe.

You can expect topics like “How coworking saved my life” and “Tax tips for digital nomads” on the Coworkaholic blog. 

What we like about this blog: If you don’t want to work from home and are looking for a coworking space to improve your productivity, this might be the blog for you. 

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Founder: Sara Sutton, Stephen Marcu

Year Started: 2015

Next up on our list of remote work blogs is is a one-stop destination for remote workers. remote work blog

This remote work blog offers remote work listings, coaching, articles, Q&A, and even online courses to make you a better remote worker. 

Their blog is neatly classified into the following four categories: 

  • Working remotely
  • Why why remotely
  • How to build a remote team
  • How to manage a remote team

You can click on any category and read in-depth about the topics you care for. was started by Sara Sutton, founder of Flexjobs, a job board for remote work opportunities. 

Sara is a veteran in the remote work culture and has been a remote work advocate since 2007. Taking advice from won’t be the worst thing you’d do for your remote career 😉

What we like about this blog: The blog is cleverly organized to help the reader get the most out of their time on the site. 

#5. NomadicMatt

Founder: Matthew Kepnes

Year Started: 2006

A New York Times best-selling author, Matt Kepnes, is the brains behind NomadicMatt. In 2006, Matt quit his cubicle job to become a digital nomad, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Nomadicmatt remote work blog

Matt has travelled and worked in over 100 countries in the past decade. He shares his experiences, tips, and tricks on working remotely and travelling cheaply. 

On NomadicMatt’s blog section, you are going to find:

  • First-hand travel experience of Matt and fellow travellers, Interviews with other remote workers, 
  • A community of fellow digital nomads, 
  • Detailed budget breakdowns, and 
  • Other travel-related tips. 

If you don’t like working from home and would rather travel while working remotely, this blog is for you. 

What we like about this blog: Apart from the blog section, NomadicMatt has a ton of helpful travel guides, checklists, community, and other valuable resources to make your travels hassle-free. 

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Founder: Rodolphe Dutel

Year Started: 2014

Former Google and Buffer employee Rodolphe Dutel started Remotive to help people find remote jobs just like the one he had at Buffer. remote work blog

Remotive has evolved from a newsletter to a full-fledged community of remote workers.

Their blog section is full of helpful tips for remote workers as well as digital nomads. You can also subscribe to Remotive’s newsletter to get all the remote work-related articles right in your inbox. 


Founder: Not known

Year Started: 2015

Another prominent remote work blog on our list is Nodesk. Nodesk is a job hunt platform used by people looking for quality remote jobs online. remote work blog

Visitors can also view 750+ remote-first and remote-friendly companies and startups, browse their profile, understand their culture, and easily apply to their open positions. 

Nodesk’s resource section is particularly prominent, with articles, blogs, a newsletter, book recommendations, and more. 

While their blog has limited content, their newsletter regularly gets updated with new content. 

What we like about this blog: Their newsletter gets updated every Thursday with new job listings and thought-provoking articles from various publications. And it’s free!


Founder: Joel Spolsky, Michael Pryor

Year Started: 2011

There are many remote work blogs out there, but none match the sheer consistency of Trello. A project management software, Trello help teams create, manage, and track tasks efficiently. 

Trello blog remote work blog

Their blog is cleverly organized into 5 categories- 

  1. Product: Includes articles on the benefits of Trello
  2. Use Cases: Includes articles on the use cases of Trello in various aspects of the business. 
  3. Productivity: Improve your productivity with these articles
  4. Remote Work: Content on how to excel in working remotely
  5. Enterprise: Discover Trello Enterprise features

Trello is an enterprise software with a great content team behind it. The articles on their blog are thorough and insightful. 

If you are looking for remote work tips or want to improve your productivity, Trello’s blog is a great place to be. 

What we like about this blog: The blog is filled with great insights and first-hand experiences of remote workers. 

#9. Shut Up and Go

Founder: Damon Dominique and Joanna Franco

Year Started: 2012

Damon Dominique and Joanna Franco are the founders of the travel media company Shut Up and Go. 

Shut up and go remote work blog

For the last decade, the duo has travelled the world (both separately and together) and has gained incredible insights into working remotely. 

Damon and Jo know that there’s much more to life than sitting in a cubicle waiting to get old. 

Shut Up and Go is their way of encouraging others to 

travel the world and gain worldly experiences that money can’t buy. 

What we like about this blog: This blog is not your typical digital nomad travel guide. Shut Up and Go has amazing content from diverse voices, sharing inspirational travel stories and tips! 

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#10. Hubspot Blog

Founder: Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

Year Started: 2006

Hubspot is a cloud-based CRM software that helps align your marketing and sales team and improve ROI. 

Hubspot remote work blog

Hubspot is big on content marketing and gets a LOT of traffic on their blog. In fact, the latest numbers suggest Hubspot’s blog get over 11 million visitors a month!! 

With so many people regularly consuming their content, there’s no doubt that Hubspot produces quality blog articles. 

They have a separate section for remote work-related articles. Everything you need to know as a telecommuter, from building remote teams to managing remote meetings, is here. 

What we like about this blog: Hubspot writes a ton of content. There’s a high chance that you will find great work from home advice and tips and tricks related to your job role.

#11. Remote-How

Founder: Iwo Szapar

Year Started: 2017

Remote-How helps companies worldwide train their employees in managing distributed teams. 

Remote-how remote work blog

The company offers various programs, ebooks, and resources to help remote employees manage their time and productivity effectively. 

Their blog is filled with educational gems. The Remote-How blog covers it all, from learning how to communicate virtually to improving your work-life balance. 

What we like about this blog: If you are struggling to keep up with the challenges of remote working, the Remote-how blog has a lot of resources to get you up to speed. 

#12. Hobo With a Laptop

Founder: Mike

Year Started: 2012

Hobo with a Laptop is the brain-child of Mike, a digital nomad with over a decade of experience travelling. 

Hobo with a laptop remote work blog

If you want to trade your cubicle life for a life of a digital nomad, this is the right place to start. 

Hobo with a Laptop is a blog for aspiring nomads, remote workers, travel bloggers, virtual assistants, and even crypto traders! 

Blog topics include tips on how to create a remote business from scratch, travel, how to become a digital nomad, how to land your first remote job, and other vital resources to make your travel as easy as possible. 

What we like about this blog: Mike regularly publishes quality content that any traveller or remote worker can relate to. There’s not one article on the blog that’s isn’t worth your time!

#13. WorkfromHomeHappiness

Founder: Ashlee Anderson

Year Started: 2015

Ashlee Anderson has a decade long experience in working remotely. Now she shares her vast experience with her readers on her blog and newsletter. 

Workfromhoehappiness remote work blog

Ashlee is a Certified Professional Career Coach and a Time Management Coach. Her website is filled with her software tools recommendations, industry reports, and exciting articles about working from home. 

The author is featured in prominent publications like The Muse, Yahoo! Finance, and The Wall Street Journal. 

What we like about this blog: The blog is easy to read and follow. Ashlee’s personalized recommendations on how to operate as a remote worker are on point. 

#14. Home Office Life

Founder: Lisa Kanarek

Year Started: 2020

Lisa is a home office expert, having written five books about working from home and tackling the remote lifestyle. 

Home office life remote work blog

Her work has been featured in major publications like The Wall Street JournalEntrepreneur, The New York Times, Newsweekand Forbes. 

In short, she knows what she’s talking about. 

While working from home is convenient, Lisa knows that it can also be quite frustrating and stressful. 

With decades of experience behind her, she shares excellent tips and tricks to make your work from home life easy. 

What we like about this blog: The articles on this blog are pretty short, to the point, and easy to read. 

#15. Out of Office Gal

Founder: Lauren

Year Started: 2019

Growing up in Austin, Texas, Lauren always wanted to travel the world. As she grew up, she realized her dream and began travelling solo. 

Out of office gal remote work blog

Now a full-time digital nomad, Lauren works as a social media marketer and content influencer. She also runs the blog “Out of Office Gal”, where she shares tips and tricks of handling life as a digital nomad. 

If you’re interested in becoming a digital nomad or looking for advice on solo travel, Lauren has some fantastic articles on her blog. 

What we like about this blog: The author has neatly divided her articles into different categories for your browsing pleasure. These include Travel, solo travel, digital nomad, sustainable travel, and travel hacking. 

#16. Wayviator

Founder: Curtis Duggan

Year Started: 2021

Curtis Duggan’s Wayviator is another excellent blog for digital nomads and remote workers. Wayviator covers a range of different topics such as: 

  • Finding coworking spaces around the globe
  • Tips for digital nomads
  • Latest news around Remote work

The best part about Wayviator is its weekly newsletter covering everything around remote work. The newsletter is well researched and brilliantly written! 

What we like about this blog: The blog is well-designed with a dark mode! 

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Final Words

Working remotely has its perks and challenges. Reading the above mentioned remote work blogs will surely provide you with a wealth of ideas and knowledge on how to maximize the benefits of remote work and tackle its nuances. 

Did we miss out on your favourite remote work blog? Which remote work blogs do you enjoy reading? Do let us know by tweeting us @teamremoteverse. Cheers!

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